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Map of Shelonsky Pyatina on scribe books of 1498 - 15761576
Map of Novgorod and the environs of 16721672
Novgorod plan of 1674 by Erich Palmquist1674
The Volkhov River Lotion of 1724, created by order of Peter the Great1724
Map of forests and rivers of the Starorussky district of the Novgorod province1732
The Swedish plan of Novgorod in 17501750
Plan of Novgorod in 1762. Reconstruction.1762
Plan of the provincial city of Novgorod. The end of the 18th century.1779
Geometrical map of the Pskov viceroyalty, 17861786
Karta chastej Moskovskogo, Tverskogo, Kaluzhskogo i drugikh namestnichestv 1787 goda1787
Map of parts of St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Pskov and other governorates of 17871787
Surroundings of Novgorod1790
Atlas of 1794 for the youth. Moscow viceroyalty.1794
Atlas of 1794 for the youth. St.Petersburg province, Novgorod and Vyborg viceroyalty.1794
Atlas of 1794 for the youth. Reval, Riga, Pskov and Polotsk viceroyalty.1794
Atlas of 1794 for the youth. Arkhangelsk, Olonec and Vologda viceroyalty.1794
General map of part of Russia divided into provinces1799
Map of the north-west from the Russian Empire atlas for gymnasiums1807
Road map of the Russian Empire, 18091809
Large map of the Russian Empire in 1812 for Napoleon1812
Stolistovaya map. Detailed map of 100 pages of the Russian Empire.1816
Geographical atlas of the Russian Empire by Pyadyshev1820
Karta Evropejskoj Rossii 1825 goda iz Stielers Handatlas1825
Big plan of ancient Novgorod Velikiy1828
Voenno-dorozhnaya karta chasti Rossii i pogranichnykh zemel1829
Special map of the western part of Russia by Schubert, 18321832
Map of the shipping way from Tver to Novaya Ladoga, 18321832
Military road map of Russia and neighboring countries in 18371837
General plan of the Novgorod Kremlin in 18391839
Plan of Novgorod from the Military Topographic Depot1846
Map of European Russia and the Caucasus Region 18621862
Veliky Novgorod old map1862
Novgorod plan 18621862
Plan of the city of Novgorod from the album,18621862
Novgorod plan of 18621862
German map of European Russia 18651865
Karta Evropejskoj Rossii 1867 goda iz Stielers Handatlas1867
Map of Lake Ilmen 18701870
Strelbickiy map. Special map of European Russia.1871
Postal map of European Russia published by Ilyin1871
Plan of Veliky Novgorod from the Ilyin atlas1871
Map of the Novgorod province from the atlas of the Russian Empire by Ilyn1871
Karta Evropejskoj Rossii 1875 goda iz Stielers Handatlas1875
Karta Evropejskoj Rossii 1880 goda iz Stielers Handatlas1880
Volkhov River Lot from Lake Ilmen to Lake Ladoga 18861886
Military road map of European Russia 1888-19101888
Map of Novgorod and the southern environs of 18881888
Map of Novgorod from the guide to the publication of the Soloviev Hotel1891
French plan of Novgorod by Baedeker1897
Special map of Central Europe - Übersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa1907
Atlas of Marx. Map of European Russia.1909
Map of lake Ilmen and the Volkhov river, 19121912
Desktop general map of European Russia published by Ilyin1913
Pre-revolutionary map of Novgorod1913
Novgorod map by Wagner and Debes, 19141914
Plan of Novgorod 19141914
The great European war. Special map of the Russian theater of operations.1916
The Estonian map of 1924. Yamburg - Petrograd - Luga - Novgorod.1924
Overview map of the Novgorod province, 19261926
Map of the Ilmen-Volkhov basin in 19261926
Map of the Novgorod district of the Novgorod area, 19271927
German plan of Novgorod 19281928
Schematic plan of Novgorod 19321929
Administrative map of the European part of the USSR, 19301930
Topographic map of the aerogeodetic company of center of the Novgorod region1932
Schematic plan of Novgorod 19321932
Post map of the European part of the USSR, 19341934
Map of Europe of the General Staff of the Red Army1937
Map of the European part of U.S.S.R. 19381938
Overview map of Eastern Europe of the General Staff of the Red Army1940
Topographic map of the General Staff of the Red Army1941
German maps from period WWII - Osteuropa 1:300000. Center.1941
Flight map of the Luftwaffe 1941. European part of the USSR.1941
Map of the airfield network of the northwestern part of the USSR 19411941
German plan of Veliky Novgorod during the war1942
Map of the north-west of Russia of the General Staff of the Red Army1942
Overview map of Europe and the central part of the USSR of the General Staff of the Red Army1942
Russia map 1:1000000. 1942. Great Britain. War Office. General Staff.1942
Operationskarte - nemeckaya karta centra Evropejskoj chasti SSSR1943
USSR map of 19461946
Atlas SSSR 1947 goda onlajn1947
Atlas SSSR 1947 goda (severo-zapadnaya territoriya)1947
Eastern Europa N501 Army Map Service1950
Administrative map of the Novgorod region, 19571957
Blank map of Novgorod region, 19671967
Scheme of architectural monuments of Novgorod 19701970
Tourist map of Veliky Novgorod, 19721972
Tourist map of the Novgorod region, 19721972
Illustrated plan of the sights of Novgorod 19731973
Karta Mira 1:2500000. Territoriya SSSR.1975
Tourist scheme of Veliky Novgorod 19791979
Topographic map of the Soviet Union and Europe1984
Administrative map of the Novgorod region, 19841984
O-36 Soviet Military Maps 1:2000001985
Karta 10 km. Evropejskaya chast SSSR.1987
Surroundings of Novgorod. Tourist map-scheme.1989
O-36(A) Soviet Military Maps 1:1000001989
Administrative map of the Novgorod region, 19891989
Topographic map of Novgorod region1990
Tourist plan of Veliky Novgorod 19901990
Topographic map of the European part of Russia2000
Detailed topographic map of the Novgorod region2001
Detailed map2016
Map of Russia by region2021