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Map of Caucasus, 17231723
Map of the Caucasus from the Russian Empire atlas for gymnasiums1807
Map of the Caucasian lands of 18081808
Road map of the Russian Empire, 18091809
Stolistovaya map. Detailed map of 100 pages of the Russian Empire.1816
Map of military operations in the Transcaucasian region from 1809 to 18171817
Map of the area between the Black and Caspian seas1819
Geographical atlas of the Russian Empire by Pyadyshev1820
Map of the Transcaucasian Region, 18341834
South of Russia and Georgia in 18351835
Military road map of Russia and neighboring countries in 18371837
Map of the Caucasus 18401840
Map of the Caucasus by Malman1846
Map of the Caucasus in 1848 from the atlas by Berghaus1848
General map of the Orenburg territory, 18541854
Flemming edition F. Bandtre Caucasus Map1855
Map of the Caucasus Isthmus by J. Grassl1856
General Map of the Caucasian Territory from the Military Collection magazine1858
Map of the lands of the Black Sea and Caucasian line troops of 18581858
Map of the land of the Orenburg, Ural and Bashkir Cossack troops of 18581858
Map of European Russia and the Caucasus Region 18621862
German map of European Russia 18651865
Map of the Kirghiz steppe of the Orenburg department, 18651865
Map of European Russia 1867 from Stielers Handatlas1867
Map of the Caucasus Region from the Imperial Geographical Society1868
Map of the Caucasian Territory, published by Ilyin, 18691869
Map of the Caucasian Territory 18701870
Postal map of European Russia published by Ilyin1871
Strelbickiy map. Caucasus.1871
Map of the Caucasian Territory, published by Ilyin, 18721872
Caucasus on the map of Koch1872
Map of the Transcaspian territory, 18731873
Map of the Caucasus Territory from the guidebook of Mikhail Vladykin1874
Map of European Russia 1875 from Stielers Handatlas1875
General map of the Orenburg territory, 18751875
Map of the Kirghiz Steppe of 18771877
Ethnographic map of the Caucasian region of Seydlitz1880
Map of European Russia 1880 from Stielers Handatlas1880
Map of Central Asia 1863-18811881
Map of the Caucasian Territory 1868 - 18831883
Map of the Caucasus 1883 from Letts' atlas1883
Caucasus Map 18851885
Map of the Caucasus in French, 18851885
Ethnographic map of Erivan province 18861886
Military road map of European Russia 1888-19101888
Map of the Caucasian Territory to the guide compiled by Weidenbaum1888
Map of creeds in the Elizavetpol province 18881888
Map of Europe with the Mediterranean sea by Carl Friedrich Baur, 18891889
Map of the Caucasus territory from the Brockhaus and Efron encyclopedic dictionary1894
Map of the southern border strip of Asian Russia1895
Map of the Asiatic Russia of 1895 by Koversky1895
Map of the Caucasus 1896 in German1896
Map of Caucasus 18971897
French map of the Caucasus 18981898
Map of the Caucasian Territory with the designation of the borders of 1801-1813.1901
Map of the Kirgiz Steppe and Turkistan 19011901
Map of Elizavetpolskaya province 19021902
Roadmap of the Caucasian Territory 19031903
1903 Caucasian Military District Map1903
Caucasia map. Great Britain. War Office. General Staff.1906
Geological map of the Caucasus region by Lebedev, 19081908
Atlas of Marx. Map of European Russia.1909
Map of the routes of communication of Asian Russia, 19111911
Desktop general map of European Russia published by Ilyin1913
Geological Map of the Caucasus 1914 by Felix Oswald1914
Map of the Caucasus region in 1915 from the calendar appendix1915
Military topographic map of Caucasus region, 19261926
Map of the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea 19291929
Administrative map of the European part of the USSR, 19301930
Map of Kazakhstan, 19311931
Map of the Transcaucasian SFSR of 19321932
Post map of the European part of the USSR, 19341934
Map of the European part of U.S.S.R. 19381938
Map of Caucasus, Iran and Turkmenistan of the General Staff of the Red Army1940
Caucasia AMS N5611941
Flight map of the Luftwaffe 1941. European part of the USSR.1941
German map of the south of the USSR 1941, 1:2000001941
Overview map of Europe and the central part of the USSR of the General Staff of the Red Army1942
German illustrated map of the Caucasus 1942 by August Scherl1942
USSR map of 19461946
Atlas of the USSR 1947 online1947
International millionth map of the world. Territory of the USSR.1964
Map of Europe 1:2000000, Army Map Service, 19641964
Karta Mira 1: 2500000. Territory of the USSR.1975
Topographic map of the Soviet Union and Europe1984
K-38 Soviet Military Maps 1:2000001985
Map 10 km. European part of the USSR.1987
Tourist map of the Kazakh SSR, 19881988
Administrative map of the Armenian SSR 19881988
Topographic map of the European part of Russia2000
Administrative map of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh2005
Administrative map of Azerbaijan2015
Detailed map2016
Map of Russia by region2021