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Atlas of 1794 for the youth. Arkhangelsk, Olonec and Vologda viceroyalty.1794
Road map of the Russian Empire, 18091809
Map of the Berezovsky District of 18091809
Geographical atlas of the Russian Empire by Pyadyshev1820
Map of the northern Urals 1847-18481848
Map of the northern Urals 1847-1848-18501850
General map of Western Siberia by Military Topographic Depot 18621862
Map of European Russia and the Caucasus Region 18621862
German map of European Russia 18651865
Map of European Russia 1867 from Stielers Handatlas1867
Postal map of European Russia published by Ilyin1871
Map of European Russia 1875 from Stielers Handatlas1875
Map of Novaya Zemlya and the Taimyr Peninsula, 1878.1878
Map of the Northern Sea Route of 18781878
Map of the northern part of the Tobolsk province by Khondazhevsky1879
Map of European Russia 1880 from Stielers Handatlas1880
Map of the Asiatic Russia of 1895 by Koversky1895
Map of the Tobolsk province from the Brockhaus and Efron encyclopedic dictionary1901
Map of the Yamal Peninsula in 1908 based on filming of Zhitkov's expedition1908
Atlas of Marx. Map of European Russia.1909
Map of the routes of communication of Asian Russia, 19111911
Desktop general map of European Russia published by Ilyin1913
Travel map of Fridtjof Nansen in the Kara Sea1913
Military-road map of Asian Russia, 19191919
Map of the Siberian territory, 19291929
Administrative map of the European part of the USSR, 19301930
Post map of the European part of the USSR, 19341934
Map of the European part of U.S.S.R. 19381938
Overview map of Europe and the central part of the USSR of the General Staff of the Red Army1942
USSR map of 19461946
Atlas of the USSR 1947 (northwestern territory)1947
International millionth map of the world. Territory of the USSR.1964
Karta Mira 1: 2500000. Territory of the USSR.1975
Topographic map of the Soviet Union and Europe1984
Q-42 Soviet Military Maps 1:2000001985
Salekhard map 19851985
Map 10 km. Western Siberia.1987
Topographic map of Salekhard and its environs, 20002000
Topographic map of the northern part of European Russia2000
Salekhard map 20012001
Detailed map2016
Map of Russia by region2021